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Want Success? Forget Goals & Start With This Instead

Got an idea for a business? Want to make some money? Ready to create the next big thing? Well, put your goals on hold and read on…
Most budding entrepreneurs have great ideas that could be profitable if approached the right way from beginning.

Unfortunately, it’s the beginning stages of building an online business where most ideas go off track.

If you want to be successful in business, the most important thing to get right is the grand vision of what you want to accomplish.

This is essentially the same as planning a vacation.

If you don’t know where your going, what it’s going to be like when you get there, what’s involved to accomplish the journey and the costs to make it happen, it’s very doubtful you’ll reach your destination let alone get on the right plane.

And this where most “Make Money Online” gurus lead you in the wrong direction.

They tell you to get a domain name. They show you how to build a website and they mention that you need to drive traffic to your site.

All of these are “Goal Actions” that must be taken AFTER you establish what your vision of your business is.

And because ‘goals’ come after the grand vision – we’re going to explore the difference between the two.

So what’s the difference between a goal and a vision?

Essentially, a goal is something that you need to do achieve your vision.

A goal may for example be to go to the gym everyday.

That’s a goal but it’s also not as effective as a vision designed to the same end.

This same ambition posed as a vision rather than a goal would instead be more the idea of imagining having 6 pack abs.

Your vision would be to visualize yourself looking ripped and feeling healthy.

You would then envision what it will take to accomplish this. Seeing yourself eating healthy meals, going for jogs on the beach and feeling great about yourself.

That’s your vision and it serves to improve your life.

When it comes to a business vision, you must first start by understanding how your product or service will serve and improve your customer’s life.

And as much as your excited your product or service, you must realize that your vision is not to stroke your ego.

It’s to serve your customer’s wants, needs and desires.

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