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James “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht.
Speaker, Author, Coach, Entertainer & President Of MindPower Presentations Inc.

James jimmyg Graham
My life of motivation as well as the power of the mind began at a very early age.

I kept stumbling across books like “Think & Grow Rich”, “As A Man Thinketh”, “It Works” and many more.

Even though I really didn’t understand the concepts of how the mind worked but I began to practice the instructions that were contained in these magical books.

As a result, my dreams of touring in rock & roll bands became a reality.

During this time, I found an ad in the back of a Rolling Stone magazine that said, “Double Your Income Guaranteed With The Power Of Hypnosis”

I order the program, listened to it every night and within 2 weeks doubled my income!

At that point I began using audio hypnosis programs for all areas of my life and business and as a result I built a very successful career as a musician.

Then 1990 & grunge music happened. The live music scene took a severe downturn, 80’s hair metal was out and I was effectively out of business.

So, I dove back into my books and hypnosis programs and went to work on building a successful DJ entertainment company that pulled high 5 figures per year working 2-3 nights per week.

By 2009, I had become debt free with real estate investments and a growing stock portfolio.

I was free to do what I wanted, wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted.

It was then that I decided it was time for a change.

I wanted to make big money, and travel and I wanted someone else to pay for it.

I once again put my mindpower techniques to use as well and the Laws of Attraction and Creation and within a feww weeks I had my answer.

From that point, I flew out to Las Vegas and was trained by some of the biggest stage hypnotists in the world and launched my new career as a stage hypnotist.

Fast forward… Today my company, MindPower Presentations Inc is a 6 figure business providing presentations on how to use the amazing powers of our minds to create success in all areas of life.

Motivation For Marketers is just a part of this mission.

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“I’ve studied success, personal development and business principles for years and I thought I had all the answers. Yet, after our online sessions, you opened up my mind to new ideas by giving me real world examples that I’ll use in sales, my personal life and in achieving my own success. Your coaching will be extremely valuable to my upcoming success! Thanks James!”

Nutritional Consultant

OMG Jimmy, you have changed my world. I started as a sales rep 3 months ago and could not make any sales. You showed me how I was sabotaging myself and helped me clear out my crap to become a success.
Now, I have offers from multiple companies who all want to make me district manager. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and my family!”

Sales Manager

“If your new to business or have been in business for years, you’ll gain valuable insight from James’ perspective and business savvy. One of my assignments produced leads in days and produced thousands of dollars in new business. All within a new market I never ever considered! His business coaching is highly recommended! “.


“I came to work with James because I had some issues of feeling “stuck” in my life. He helped me realise that I was creating these struggles in my mind and showed me how to embrace my goals and dreams. As a result, my dream vacation manifested for me FULLY PAID FOR!”.


“James Graham’s, “Rich Mind, Poor Mind” is the perfect book for today’s fast-paced world.
Straight-forward and powerful, it will propel your life to a level of abundance, creativity and joy.
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Actor (Star Wars) Author, Speaker

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